Be Yourself. Everyone else is taken.

Culture helps us derive meaning from the symbols and beliefs that are inherited or created around us. It is a human made construct.

Sometimes culture is enriching and colorful. But when culture makes us focussed on conformity, this becomes contrary to our natural state and this is when dissonance is created.

Ultimate Content Tool | Periodic Table of Content Marketing

Often clients confuse Platforms with Formats and Goals with Triggers. This 7 step guide to generating content clearly frames each element in its consideration set and helps navigate the different areas to think about.

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Letting go of Ego.

The human Ego is a natural part of what makes us human. It protects us in order to continue our survival and if we listen carefully to what it is saying, it helps us live our lives with passion.

But Ego can undoubtedly be destructive. This is how a destructive Ego manifests itself in everyday behaviour.

Let’s rid the world of destructive Ego to design a better world, and nurture better relationships.