Quick Prototyping.

Great ideas don’t just happen at the stroke of a pen, they come after many failures and missed attempts. Before we can come up with 1 winning idea we often need to learn from 100 failed ones.

I once read a story which went something like this: Picasso invited a woman to be a still drawing model and after 60 one-hour attempts couldn’t get her portrait right. Until one day he drew her portrait from memory in under 15 minutes. The discipline and practice he received from his failed attempts is what helped him to finally draw his masterpiece from memory in a short period of time.

I’ve often argued against the traditional ideation process and ways of working, it usually goes something like this – before we venture into any new territory we must research, rationalise, investigate and prove our strategy.

I support a more organic model where we use our past experience and knowledge of market trends to develop and test many ideas & hypothesis. Because only when we test actual ideas in-market can we determine what is relevant. In today’s fast paced economy doing otherwise risks missed opportunities.

This is why I love the idea of @fastestagency based on having a 24 hour turnaround in response to a brands’  brief and their realtime marketing needs.

World's fastest agency @fastestagency turns a brief around in 24 hours.
World’s fastest agency @fastestagency turns a brief around in 24 hours.

This is the model that start-ups use based on quick prototyping. It follows the rule of fast failure and quick learning – Conceptualise, Execute. Learn. Move on.

To find out more visit @fastestagency on twitter or check out their website.