Forging Ahead.

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The demise of Sparta. And the rebirth of Greece.

Ancient Greece is a complex topic but from what I can summarise about Sparta,¬†it¬†was a wealthy state with a strong¬†education system called the Agoge where elite boys¬†would take part in physical training to mould them¬†into the strongest and most disciplined¬†soldiers. Spartan¬†girls were also brought up to be¬†strong and supportive so they could provide strong babies to continue¬†the¬†Spartan lineage. But Sparta¬†ruled over the Helots – peasants who farmed the land and provided food for their wealthy Spartan overlords. Over time, resentment between the Helots and the ruling Spartans led to a war. Even though the Spartans won the war, this class struggle plagued and weakened them for a long time until¬†eventually they had a war with Athens over the city of Thebes which led to Sparta’s¬†demise.

Similarly, fast forward a few thousand years to modern Greece with¬†huge levels of inequality and¬†impoverishment¬†leading to the¬†election of Syriza on an Economic¬†platform. Greece is¬†saying “we’re going to be playing by our rules now and we will no longer be subjected to¬†EU humiliation and Economic imbalances”.

To me,¬†there’s a few lessons in Authenticity and Equality that my University Professor Yanis Varoufakis – the newly appointed Greek Finance Minister¬†demonstrates.

  1. We can’t solve problems using established systems and entrenched models of thinking. We must be trailblazers even though it might ruffle some feathers along the way.
  2. The solutions we design must be based on symbiosis and nurturing a win/win scenario. The current mess that the world is in can be attributed partly to the inequality that many feel at the hands of the few.

If we want to improve our situation Рor that of a corporation or brand Рwe should add real value to society, we should be authentic and we need to be fearless. References: Inequality isn’t inevitable, it’s engineered. That’s how the 1% have taken over. By Suzanne Moore

Are we in for another Financial Crisis?
Are we in for another Financial Crisis?