The basement of this vacant house is now an urban greenhouse

Productive and thoughtful use of space #begoodtotheplanet

Food is a finite resource when we don’t manage it sustainably.

johnny... abegg

‘Spindrift’ is the short story of acclaimed Chef Ben Shewry, who during a transitional time in his life, had the fortune of meeting Victorian Mussel farmer, the Sea Bounty‘s Lance Wiffin, through Ben’s late friend Jason Jurie.

The encounter formed a unique bond between Chef and Fisherman, the tale emphasizing the importance of sustainable food practice, compassion and friendship.

‘Spindrift’ is the second food based film from Ben Shewry and Filmmaker Johnny Abegg, following on from the success of their first short film together called ‘Kobe and the Sea’, which won the Chef Directory‘s “Best Internet Food Film” for 2011 –

The video was shot on a Nikon D7000, with the 50mm 1.4 and 18-200mm lens. The underwater was shot on a GoPro. Photos by Colin Page.

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Easiyo, now that’s customer service.

Easiyo yogurt sachets

A while ago my friends bought me an Easiyo yogurt maker. Needless to say I love it – the made-from-scratch feeling, and I love that it’s so healthy with no added artificial or preservative anything, and it’s taste is creamy, smooth deliciousness.

And now I love it even more. Why?

The thing is that the results of my yogurt have been inconsistent at times – sometimes it doesn’t set properly. But that all changed when I emailed the friendly folks @Easiyo with my issue and asked if they could help me out with some troubleshooting. Within 2 days a nice person had emailed me back with lots of helpful tips, that I’ve tried and so far so good 🙂 And, the best part is that she asked for my postal address so that they can ship out replacement product…from New Zealand…to Dubai.

That’s wowing the customer.