Chance Favors The Connected Mind.

Is there a link with Creativity and the Spaces and Environments around us? There are patterns that are crucial to creating environments that are recurrently creative.

For starters, ideas take time to mature to become useful and accessible. Breakthrough ideas take a long time to evolve and may even spend a long time dormant in the background.

Not only do ideas start off as small ‘hunches’ that evolve over time, but good ideas usually come in the form of smaller collisions between smaller hunches. Side projects need to meet and other people’s ideas need to collide.

So, ideas need time to incubate and they spend a lot of time in ‘hunch’ form.

So how can we create systems that allow these hunches to collide together? For example, Coffee Houses were for a long time engines of creativity because they allowed ideas to collide and develop new forms.

So will our always connected, multitasking, internet lifestyle create less sophisticated ideas as we move away from a slower, deeper contemplative states (like reading)? Yes, the great driver of scientific and technological innovation has been our connectivity and ability to reach out to others and turn hunches into something new. But, although in our new internet lifestyle we are always ‘distracted’, but we have so many new ways to connect and reach out or stumble serendipitously on new ideas.

Chance favors the connected mind.

This lovely stop motion film describes the process so we can do it more often.

Screen Shot 2014-04-10 at 11.58.35 AM


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