Great ideas come to those who work on them.

Photo by Stuart O’Sullivan

To succeed in today’s world requires creativity and open mindedness. Opportunities and innovation come from connecting previously unconnected ideas or improving current systems and closing gaps.

Great ideas start small. They need encouragement and support. The initial thoughts, sparks, designs are little pieces of brilliance and creativity and one must be willing to nurture them, follow a plan of action, yet be ready to modify it as conditions and information change.

The rise in nimble and passionate small businesses and entrepreneurs, the growth of social networking and content sites (WordPress, Tumblr, Pinterest) and the penetration of technology – have helped people collaborate, design, create and solve. The resulting solution doesn’t need to be a massive shift, just a small yet potent improvement.

If we honestly seek to change our condition, or our business just 1% each day, that’s 365% of change in a year. So here’s to open-mindedness, encouraging ideas, collaborations and changing our condition and the world one small step at a time.

Author: Brenda.

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